stars in space information and interesting names given to them stars in space information and interesting names given to them

Peculiar Names Given To Stars In Space

Stars in space have always amazed us. Humans have carried out extensive researches to know more about these stars. Any object in space, which is a giant ball of gas, dust, and light is called a star. Humans have compared stars to various animals and such other objects that are seen on the earth. The names given to stars in space are very peculiar too. Here we will know more about why such names are given and who gives such names.

Peculiar Names Given To Stars In Space

What Inspired Astronauts To Name Stars In Space

Ancient people saw different patterns formed in the skies by stars. Sometimes, these patterns resembled human beings, some resembled animals and some resembled other common objects. Many different constellations were christened on the basis of the figure they looked like, for example – Orian the Hunter is a great hero in Greek mythology. This became a trend and scientists then started naming stars on different constellations. According to the International Astronomical Union (IAU), there are 88 constellations. This organization in the world has the authority to assign names.

Peculiar Names Given To Stars In Space

Information On Constellations And Stars In Space

The brightest star in the constellation has an ‘alpha’, which is the first letter of the Greek language. This alpha is used in the scientific name as well. Furthermore, the second brightest star in any constellation is called ‘beta’, which is the second letter of the Greek alphabet, and ‘gamma’ is the third. All the Greek letters are used this way and after using these, the numbers are also used in naming stars in space.

Peculiar Names Given To Stars In Space
Peculiar Names Given To Stars In Space

Names Of Stars In Space

The star – Betelgeuse means ‘the hand of the giant’ in the Arabic language. This one is the brightest star in Orion constellation and the scientific name given to this star is Alpha Orions. Furthermore, various astronomers have made star catalogs that also use numbers for the naming. In the Henry Draper Catalog, one can find spectral categorization and positions for almost 272,150 stars and has been used for astronomical studies for long. This catalog names Betelgeuse as HD 39801.

Names Given To Newfound Stars

The IAU uses a different method to name the newfound stars. Some of them are named on the basis of abbreviation that stands for either the type of star or a catalog that lists information about the star. Such names are then followed by symbols. For example, the PSR J1302-6350 is a pulsar, and hence the PSR. In recent years, many stars also have been named as per the public. Furthermore, in the year 2016, the IAU gave a green signal to 227star names suggested by the public. Alpha Centauri was renamed Rigel Kentaurus.

Naming stars in space is quite a difficult task and long since astronomers have struggled to come to a single way of naming them since they are so many.  This is the reason why there is so much variety and also a difference in the various star names. However, it is fun to observe stars in space with a telescope as a science activity. Furthermore, on a clear night sky, if you are lucky, you might even get to observe various constellations.

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