Stars From Outer Space - Various Names and Information

Famous Stars From Outer Space

There are many famous stars from outer space which we fondly see during the night. Out of these stars, the Sun is the biggest in our galaxy. Let us understand these stars.

The Sun – Biggest Star From Outer Space

The sun is the biggest star from outer space visible to us. It is the source of light and heat for humans and it also empowers the entire solar system. The Sun is a G-type stat that was formed around 4.6 billion years ago. This yellow-white star is currently in the phase of hydrogen gas burning. It is in its Main Sequence phase and will remain in this phase for another 5 billion years. After this time period, scientists predict that the Sun will form a planetary nebula and will gradually shrink and become a white dwarf. After that, the cooling period will continue for another 10-15 billion years.

Scenic View Of Night Sky With Stars
Famous Stars From Outer Space

Alpha Centauri System – Closest Star To The Sun

The Alpha Centauri System consists of stars closest to the sun. One can see them from the Southern Hemisphere as well as from some southern parts of the northern hemisphere. The stars in this system are at 4.3 light-years from the Earth. The Alpha Centauri A is a double star that contains a G-type main-sequence just like the Sun. It is also the brightest. The Alpha Centauri B is a K-type star that is a little dimmer than the Sun and has less mass. The third one is Alpha Centauri C, which is also known as Proxima Centauri.

Milky Way Galaxy during Nighttime
Famous Stars From Outer Space

Sirius – Brightest Star From Outer Space

Sirius, also known as a Canis Majoris, is the brightest star in our sky and also the most vibrant in the constellation Canis Major or the Big Dog. This one is at a distance of 8.3 light-years. It forms a two-star system with Sirius B, which is a little dimmer. The A-type star Sirius A is on the Main Sequence phase of its life currently. This one also has twice the mass than the Sun and is 25 times more vibrant. Sirius B is more massive when compared to the Sun but is actually a dim white dwarf star. Sirius star was worshipped by the ancient people and was monitored to mark the season changes and also for navigation purposes during long sea voyages.

Famous Stars From Outer Space
Famous Stars From Outer Space

UY Scuti – Largest Star From Outer Space By Radius

Scientists measure the size of a star by its diameter. This diameter is measured by using the radius of the Sun. The widest star can be under 2000 solar radii. UY Scuti is one of those stars which can reach this size. This reddish tint supergiant star measures 1708 solar radii. It is a variable star and its vibrancy varies with time.

R136a1 – Most Massive Star

You can also measure a star by its mass and scientists denote this in terms of the solar mass. The R136a1 is a star present in a cluster in the Tarantula Nebula located in the Large Magellanic Cloud. This star has 256 times the mass of the Sun. Some astronomers predict that this star will die in a supermassive supernova explosion. It might then become a neutron star or even a stellar black hole.

There are many more stars from outer space and each one is more interesting than the other.

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