Stars And Space Facts and Interesting Information Stars And Space Facts and Interesting Information

Interesting Stars And Space Facts

Most stars and space facts will blow your mind. Some might be contrary to what you might be thinking about them all this while. Let us know some interesting facts on our universe to deepen our knowledge and widen our horizons.

Interesting Stars And Space Facts

Stars And Space Facts 1 – Our Sun Is The Closest Star

You might be quite surprised, but our sun is the closest star from the earth. It is 150 million km away from us. It is a type of G2 yellow dwarf star which is currently in the Main Sequence phase of its life. The sun is likely to remain in the same condition for 7+ billion years. When this time period is over, the sun will get converted into a red giant and will become many times more than its current size. Once it starts growing big, it will engulf Mercury, Venus and our planet Earth too.

Stars And Space Facts 2 – Stars Are Made Of The Same Material

All the stars in the space are made up of cold molecular hydrogen clouds that eventually collapse due to their own gravity. Once they collapse, the tiny fragments disperse and form individual stars. The same process continues in the individual stars until nuclear fusion ignites at their core. Most stars are made up of 70% hydrogen and 29% helium.

Interesting Stars And Space Facts

Stars And Space Facts 3 – Stars Do Not Have Proper Balance

Stars are constantly having a conflict within themselves. The gravity at the core pulls all of it inward, but light puts pressure on it against the gravitational force. The nuclear fusion happening at the core of the star makes a lot of energy. The photons push outside the core and try to reach the surface. This journey takes 100,000 years. As the star becomes brighter, it converts into a red giant. When the light pressure ceases, they again get converted into white dwarfs.

Interesting Stars And Space Facts
Interesting Stars And Space Facts

Fact 4 – Many Stars Are Red Dwarfs

The maximum number of stars seen in the space are red dwarfs. These stars have 50% less mass than the sun. some of them are even less than 7.5% mass of the sun. If the mass gets below that, then it does not have enough gravitational pressure at its core to ignite nuclear fusion. Such stars are known as brown dwarfs.

Stars And Space Facts 5 – Most Stars Occur In More Than One Numbers

Most stars come in pairs. These pairs are either binary pairs, where you can find two stars orbiting another common gravity point. You can also find stars in groups of 3, 4 or more.

Stars And Space Facts 6 – The Biggest Stars Are Bigger Than Saturn

There are some stars which have a monstrous size and these red giants are even bigger than our sun. The famous star Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation is about 20 times heavier than our sun and around 1000 times larger. The largest star known to man is VY Canis Majoris, which is 1800 times bigger than the sun.

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