Books about stars and space and other celestial bodies

Which Are The Famous Books About Stars And Space?

Scientists, astronomers, and astrophysicists have written a plethora of books about stars and space to date. These books are very intriguing and contain in-depth information about the origin of stars, the origin of our planet, details about the solar system and much more.

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Which Are The Famous Books About Stars And Space?

For anyone interested in reading books about stars and space, the best ones are listed below:

Books About Stars And SpaceEinstein’s Unfinished Revolution

This book by Lee Smolin is all about quantum-mechanics. Smolin was a theoretical physicist in Toronto, who was the first one to argue that the theory of quantum mechanics is incomplete. He suggested that the model only displayed the position or the trajectory of a subatomic particle and did not give us both at the same time. The author spent his entire career working towards completing this theory so that one can decipher both the information from the theory. He wrote a very engaging book named ‘Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution’ that explains his perspective on the subject.

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Which Are The Famous Books About Stars And Space?

Books About Stars And Space – Finding Our Place In The Universe

A very captivating book by Helene Courtois, who is a French astrophysicist, has everything you need to know about the Milky Way. Courtois took part in a research program in 2014 that discovered the galactic supercluster that also has our Milky Way. They named this cluster as Laniakea, which means an ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiin language. This is a very engaging book that goes on at an extremely fast pace. The author also pens down her own journey in astrophysics and highlights the contributions made by several other female astrophysicists. In this book, the writer travels across the leading observatories to find Laniakea. Furthermore, the very challenge to find our Milky Way’s home is beautifully captured in this book. It also describes how Laniakea was discovered with all the scientific details. A non-physicist can also enjoy this book as a tale of thrilling adventure.

Which Are The Famous Books About Stars And Space?
Which Are The Famous Books About Stars And Space?

Books About Stars And Space – Out There

An interesting approach and a complete scientific guide to Alien life, human space travel and Antimatter, ‘Out There’ by Mike Wall is one of the best books on stars and space. Mike Wall is a senior writer with He manages to pen down some of the most interesting questions that ever came up in our minds regarding our existence in the Universe. The book also compels us to think about who else might be there in the big and dark universe, what they might be like and why haven’t we got any information about them yet. The book has up-to-date data on frequently speculated questions. Moreover, the information is beautifully presented with good humor and some line drawings by the famous Karl Tate. The book dramatizes our search for life. These aslo give us a glimpse on how we might react to the discovery of some interesting facets.

Authors and astronomers have written many interesting books about stars and space. These three mentioned-above are also some of the recent ones which have got critical acclaim. They also have a more updated knowledge on this genre as discoveries on this subject keep happening year after year.

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