Poems about stars and space - metaphorical and beautiful

Beautiful Poems About Stars And Space

Since ancient times, man has always shown fascination and interest in the space. We are always intrigued to know about what is present beyond our atmosphere. The stars, moon, space, galaxies appear so magnificent and magical from our atmosphere, that their use has often been done in metaphorical ways in poems and literary works. There are also many myths associated with stars and space and these have found a way in our poems and songs. Here is a collection of some beautiful poems about stars and space written by famous poets of our times.

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Beautiful Poems About Stars And Space

Poems About Stars And Space – William Wordsworth

The beautiful poem ‘The Stars Are Mansions Built By Nature’s Hand’, depicts how beautiful the stars are and also about why they are made by nature. They look lovely in the night sky. Moreover, they are described as the home of spirits. They reflect on the surface of the water of the ocean so that we can catch a glimpse of them from the night sky. In the end, everything seems to have logic and well-planned.

Poems About Stars And Space – John Keats

Bright Star is a lovely sonnet. John Keats has written it. This poem describes the fragility of human life. The poet also compares his personal life conditions with that of a star. Moreover, this poem was played next to William Shakesphere’s poem ‘ Lover’s Complaint’. Furthermore, it was critically acclaimed and repeated even today to understand major metaphors and figures of speech.

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Beautiful Poems About Stars And Space

Poem About Stars And Space – Emily Dickinson

The poem, ‘Ah Moon – and Star’ is a poem about star-gazing in which the author describes that her lover is even further behind the moon and stars. In the end, the lover of the poet is none other than Jesus Christ. This one turns out to be a religious poem, but also a beautiful poem containing a description of stars and space.

Poems About Stars And Space – Gerard Manley Hopkins

‘The Starlight Night’ is a lovely sonnet. A very idiosyncratic poet wrote it. The poet compares the stars to people, fire-folk sitting in the sky, eyes of elves and also as diamonds. Furthermore, this poem was a birthday gift to his mother.

Beautiful Poems About Stars And Space
Beautiful Poems About Stars And Space

Poems About Stars And Space – Housman

The poem, ‘Stars, I have seen them fall’, is a lovely one that describes stars falling and yet they remain in the sky. The poem further describes how rain falls in the sea and yet the sea still has salty water.

Poems About Stars And Space – Conclusion

All these lovely poems about stars and space remind us about the wonderful imagination of great poets and also about the authors of our times. Moreover, some of these poems teach us about metaphors and figures of speech. Metaphors and figures of speech make a poem meaningful. They also teach us about the English language in-depth and also about how one can weave magic into their words by some lovely images.

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