Natural Satellite - Moon information and interesting facts Natural Satellite - Moon information and interesting facts

Interesting Facts About Our Natural Satellite

Natural satellite – moon belongs to the earth. The planet earth has only one moon orbiting around it, while other planets like Mars and others have more than one natural satellites. While there are many astronauts who have visited the moon and come back, humans have not been able to go to the darker side of the moon as yet because only one side of the moon is lit and faces us. Humans are trying to send satellites to the darker side of the moon to explore more about its surface.

Facts About Our Natural Satellite

The moon is also called Luna. It is believed to have been created around 4.6 billion years before. Scientists believe that the moon was created when the earth collided with another large celestial body named Theia. After the sun, another object which stands second in terms of brightness is the sun.

Interesting Facts About Our Natural Satellite

Phases Of Our Natural Satellite

Our natural satellite is also called Luna by the Romans. The Greeks address it as Artemis and such other names. This is the reason for the phases of the moon. These phases result in different shapes of the moon. The time between two new moons is 29.5 days and 709 hours to be more precise. This figure differs from the moon’s orbital time around the earth because the earth also moves in its orbit around the sun.

Full Moon Near Snowcap Mountain
Interesting Facts About Our Natural Satellite

Landing On Our Natural Satellite

The Soviet Spacecraft Luna first landed on the moon in 1959. The moon is the only celestial body apart from the earth that is visited by humans. The first time when someone stepped on the moon was on July 20, 1969. The last human to step on the moon was an astronaut in the year 1972. Astronauts have even got samples from the moon to the earth. In 1994, spacecraft Clementine mapped the moon very deeply and sent a lot of photographs to use on the Earth.

Gravitational Forces Between The Earth And Our Moon

Tides are caused due to the gravitational pull between the earth and the moon. Because the pull from the moon is stronger on that side of the earth which is closest to the moon, we see high tides and low tides. As the oceans are not rigid surfaces, this effect is caused. Two small bulges are noticed one in the moon’s direction and one opposite. The gravitational pull is stronger in water than on the solid surface and hence the water bulges or creates tides. Since the earth moves on its axis, it results in two high tides in one day. However, the earth is not totally fluid and hence when the rotation takes the bulges a little ahead, it proves that the force between the moon and the earth is not aligned straight.

Interesting Facts About Our Natural Satellite
Interesting Facts About Our Natural Satellite

There are many interesting facts regarding our natural satellite. Humans have still not been able to find out every little thing about the moon and they are still carrying on with their research.

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