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Inside A Black Hole – Do You Know The Facts?

Inside A Black Hole

If you take into account the fact that inside a black hole, nothing exists, then you would understand that black holes are one of the ultimate mysteries. There are many theories as to what actually happens in the interior of a black hole. However, most experts agree that the interior of a black hole is highly mysterious because nothing can exist in it.

 Black Hole
Black Hole

What Happens When An Object Falls Into A Black Hole?

Scientists have been puzzled about what actually happens when there is an object falling inside a Black Hole. And why such is not harmed. Even with this, there are several people who can’t imagine that such cannot exist. This phenomenon has baffled astronomers for years. If you have ever seen the movie Interstellar, you would see how two ordinary objects fall into a black hole. The object could never be harmed by the intense gravitational pull of the black hole. Although it looks like a star can pass through the hole, in reality, nothing is able to pass through it.

Nothing Exists Inside A Black Hole!

According to scientists, inside a black hole, nothing can exist except black holes and nothing else. No matter how big the hole may be, there is no place to go in it. All the space is filled with empty space, which is referred to as the event horizon. It is almost a straight shot towards the black hole at the center. It happens when an object passes through the event horizon.

Different Characteristics Of Spacetime Curvature

The different characteristics of spacetime curvature are too large to be observed. Yet, there are a number of researchers who claim that such curvature exists inside a black hole. Most of the scientists believe that this curvature exists. Because such small movements happen every time there is a star in the path of a black hole. So, this means that the inside of a black hole is an even better place to live in. It is filled with nothingness. And if an object falls into the hole, then the gravitational pull is so strong that the object will not be able to move. In fact, it would stop moving entirely.

Falling Of Object

Moreover, since the object cannot move, it will fall to its inevitable demise. That too, within a very short time and at normal gravity. Its fate will be just like that of a rock; slowly falling to the ground. However, in a black hole, it will continue to fall until it reaches the singularity where everything and no one remains.

Nothing Exists Inside A Black Hole

It is believed that the entire matter is pushed out of the black hole in an instant and this makes a reason why the scientists claim that inside a black hole, nothing exists. If you have ever watched movies where little green men pass through this hole, then you will know why the existence of such a strange phenomenon is so baffling. A green man is said to be crossing the event horizon of a black hole at a very high speed.

Black Hole – A Giant Head

The name of the hole also refers to the concept of a giant head, which is the core of the black hole. Such is what the name means; a giant head in the middle of the hole, and the name of the hole is mentioned to indicate that there is no entrance or exit to the hole.

Inside A Black Hole - Do You Know The Facts?
Inside A Black Hole – Do You Know The Facts?

What Is A Black Hole? From Wikipedia

A black hole is a spherical or hyperbolic object in the universe, a hole in spacetime (in other words, a region in which time and space move apart) that is neither created nor destroyed. Its shape and distance from the surface are dependent on what its surface contains and how gravity acts upon it. Although this is quite difficult to visualize, a black hole is the final resting place of all the matter and energy in the universe.

Summing Up

A black hole is a very, very strong physical structure. If you have ever seen the movie “Interstellar”, you will understand the effects of a black hole and how it affects the environment.

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