Do You Know How Many Stars In Space Engine Are There?

If you are wondering how many stars in space engines are present, then let us first get a brief about it. A space engine is a game engine first developed by a Russian astronomer Vladimir Romanyuk. It is like a 3D program on astronomy. He is also a programmer and he used his skills and his astronomy knowledge to create the Space Engine. It is a 3D planetarium that showcases the entire universe. The programmer has used a series of astronomical data and some procedural generation algorithms to create this platform. Users can travel at varying distances and speeds in space and can also time travel. Space Engine is a freeware for Microsoft Windows but its latest release, a 0.990 beta version, is a paid one.

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Do You Know How Many Stars In Space Engine Are There?

How Many Stars in Space Engine Can One See?

The game has numerous stars and if you want an exact figure, then there is none. The space in the game is full of dimly lit stars but their exact number cannot be calculated.

How Many Stars In Space Engine? –  Apart From Stars What Else Can You See?

The programmer has used varied properties of celestial objects, such as their radius, mass, temperature, spectrum, etc and all these are presented on the HUD. One can see these celestial bodies such as moons, asteroids, comets, galaxy clusters, and such others. The game also includes a lot of real objects, discovered recently such as the Hipparcos catalog, IC catalogs, and galaxies from the NGC. One can also see many famous nebulae, exoplanets, and their own stars too.

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Do You Know How Many Stars In Space Engine Are There?

How many Stars in Space Engine – All About the Game


The programmer claims the game to bring about scientific realism. He also had the aim of reproducing every single known astronomical phenomenon for the users. He has used software that has its own wiki database built-in. This database keeps on providing detailed information on all the celestial bodies and astronomical phenomenon. The player can create personal names and too. The Space Engine also has an internal database for depicting the location. This enables players to save time and position and reload again in the future.

Do You Know How Many Stars In Space Engine Are There?
Do You Know How Many Stars In Space Engine Are There?


Although the objects that appear as a part of a planetary system move about in the game and the stars rotate on their axes and also appear orbiting in multiple star systems, the game does not have a stellar proper motion. The galaxies also are fixed and unable to rotate in the game. Moreover, Voyager 2, which was the most popular spacecraft, are not provided here. Interstellar light absorption is also not modeled.

Although the game is currently available only for Windows PC, the developer has future plans to make the software work for Linux and macOS too. If you are still stuck on how many stars in space engines are there, you should go ahead and play the game for yourself, as you get to see numerous stars and other celestial bodies too.

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