Andromeda Galaxy in Space Facts and Information

Explain Andromeda Galaxy In Detail

The Andromeda Galaxy is also called the Messier 31, M31 or NGC 224. It is also known as the Andromeda Nebula. This spiral-shaped galaxy is at a distance of 780 kiloparsecs from the Earth. It is called so in accordance with the area in the sky where it is located.

There are dozens of smaller galaxies close to the Milky Way, but the Andromeda is the only spiral one closest to us. It is also the brightest galaxy to look at. It is located at a distance of 2.5 million light-years from the Earth and can be seen from the naked eye. To any common man, the look of the galaxy is no different than that of a hazy looking cloud patch.

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Explain Andromeda Galaxy In Detail

Can You Expect Life In The Andromeda Galaxy?

Scientists assume that there could be some spectacular cosmic choreography in the form of life there, but it is still not clear. The Andromeda galaxy is 2.5 million light-years from the Milky Way and so it is very difficult to determine the existence of life there. It is believed that there are around 500 billion planets in the Andromeda galaxy.

Who Discovered The This Galaxy?

The Andromeda Galaxy was discovered by Edwin Hubble. Owing to his findings, the Andromeda Nebula out of our galaxy and at a distance of 1500000 light-years from us.

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Explain Andromeda Galaxy In Detail

What Will Happen When Andromeda Dashes With The Milky Way?

It is predicted that Andromeda will collide with the Milky Way after 4.5 billion years. When this collision takes place, some stars will be ejected out of the resulting single galaxy (combining both). These ejected stars are nicknamed Milkomeda.

Is The Andromeda Galaxy Coming Toward Us?

Edwin Hubble discovered in 1920 that most galaxies are going away from us. This theory further led to the discovery that our universe is also expanding. But the fact is that this galaxy is coming towards our Milky Way at a speed of 250,000 miles per hour.

Explain Andromeda Galaxy In Detail
Explain Andromeda Galaxy In Detail

When Can You Spot This Galaxy In The Sky?

If a person is somewhere in the mid-northern latitudes, one can see the M31. It can be seen all year long or it can be seen only for some time every night. But many people have noticed this galaxy during the northern autumn when it is very high in the sky and can be seen through the night until dawn.

If you want to search the galaxy, the right time would be between late August to early September, during mid-evening. By late September to early October, this galaxy shines in the eastern sky during nightfall and goes just a little above our heads at midnight. Towards dawn, it can be seen standing very high in the western sky. Winter evenings are also considered ideal for looking at the Andromeda galaxy. It appears as a hazy cloud in the sky, almost as wide as a full moon.

It is often quite interesting to view the various constellations and galaxies in the sky. You need to choose the right time on a clear cloudless night sky to be able to view these celestial objects. Also, you use a good telescope to aid in your viewing.

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